Kafka’s Wound

Kafka’s Wound – Puppet Builder/Puppeteer/Deviser – Brunel University/The Space/London Book of Review

Kafka’s Wound started  as a digital literary essay on the work of Franz Kafka commissioned from Will Self by the London Review of Books which will be launched on The Space website, a new Arts Council initiative to promote the digital arts developed in partnership with the BBC. Self then opened up the project to his new colleagues at Brunel University to make digital contributions that would join his essay on the website.

Dr. Mary Richards decided to create a film that was to be a response to Kafka’s short story ‘A Country Doctor’ using mixed media, including animation, live-action and puppetry made by students and graduates of the university’s School of Arts. I was personally asked to contribute my puppetry skills to the collaborative project

After devising and storyboarding the main images we wanted to explore from the story, I made and performed with shadow puppets and a life-sized puppet. My shadow puppets were used to establish the atmosphere and story and my life-sized puppet represented the patient with the terrible wound that the Doctor was asked to visit.

I worked with some fantastic people who all brought their own talents to the project, including Sam Stolton, Nina Salomons, Emily Patricia Westlake, Carlo Ghidini, and Josh Trotter.This was my first project after I had finished my studies at Brunel University and it was a very interesting experience. It was also my first film project.

The film can currently be viewed here http://thespace.lrb.co.uk

To find our film you need to click on the video bubble and then click the picture of the hand holding a rose.


BREAKING NEWS: Kafka’s Wound has been nominated “Best Digital Humanities blog, article, or short publication” award.! I helped devise, made puppets and puppeteered for a short film that was apart of Will Self’s digital essay Kafka’s Wound.
Please vote for the project at http://dhawards.org/dhawards2012/voting/ before midnight on Sunday 17 February 2013.


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