Do You Mind?



Do You Mind? is a piece that has been fermenting around in my mind for quite a few years and has finally been realised thanks to collaborating with improviser and director Calum Anderson.

Together, in 2014 we formed BearDog, a company for us to explore our work together.

We’ve been working on the piece since the summer when I finally struck inspiration how to structure the piece at a Kate Bush concert (no word of a lie, thanks Kate)

After about a months worth of work we finally know what the show is:

Joni meets someone special but before she can go any further, she feels she has to tell him something important. But how can she tell him she has a long-term illness? And is it really the best thing to talk about on a second date?
Using expressive gesture, storytelling, puppetry and an old-school overhead projector, this solo performance weaves from personal stories of anxiety attacks, medication and recovery to lectures on biology and neuroscience before always returning to her fateful date, repeating over and over again in her desperate attempt to find the right words. It explores the difficulties is starting a conversation about illness and the risks it holds as well as the consequences and impact of being honest.



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