Innocence & Experience

So this week I will be starting the R&D stage on a very exciting project that has been bubbling away since January.

As I’ve said previously in this blog, I became an Associate Artist of Indomitable Productions  and I will be working on my first piece with them –  ‘Innocence & Experience’. I’m pretty excited, particularly to be working with director Roxana Haines who has always impressed me with her eye for technical and emotional detail (She also was a essential outside-eye for Sort Of Theatre’s Buttons)

The piece combines Puppetry and Opera (a combination I’m rather familiar with) with two puppeteers, one tenor and an oboist. Oh, and one puppet a baby.

Well I say opera, technically it’s a song-cycle that is being turned into a sort of pseudo-opera…

So far we’ve been discussing a few ideas we want to explore and I have been working on a prototype puppet.

Now, this is the difficult things with R&D and puppets, especially as we are exploring the opera in a very new and experimental way. We have nothing to base our work on and we are trusting the prototype puppet to be able to do everything we want to explore during the R&D process. At least Roxy is very clear on the character she wants the puppet to portray, so it is not a case of creating different characters in the devising process (Which was one of the challenges with Buttons for example)

Luckily, the prototype was only the 3rd of a few test puppets and only took 4 hours to make, so creating the next puppet shouldn’t take too long.


But it is always a challenge for the puppet to keep up with the devising process and the creative energy

We’ll also be using an OHP so puppets and visual can be made very quickly.

But for now I have to trust my making abilities and have fun developing the baby from the prototype.


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