Filming Joy

IMG_3162So here we go filming day.

I was joined by Rupert Cobb and Andrea Hunnisett

Together they brought their lights, cameras and a green screen

Oooh green screen. Thing have gotten seriously exciting

First job of the day was seeing whether we could get one of those green screen suits or something similar. We couldn’t, not for that day anyway. I improvised with some quick green screen mittens using all my fashion know-how (which is nothing)


Then came light set up which involves a fee minutes of just holding Joy in position. Luckily she’s not fussy and neither am I. Besides, it gave me a few minutes to get used to get again and get a bit of spirit into her.

Finally we were ready to go

It was quite a fascinating exercise.

I have very little experience in film puppets (and green screen)

And Rupert and Andrea had never filmed a puppet like Joy before.

I had to get used to the fact that we were filming in quite right shots and I didn’t have to always worry about her feet or where I was in relation to her. I was thinking of how she was seen as a whole puppet (I’m still in theatre mode). I’m used to my performance being unedited and at face value so it took a few goes for it to sink in that I only had to write about what the camera saw

They had to get used to talking about how the puppet moved not how I moved the puppet in their direction.

It was good fun and we got a lot for on a short amount of time. We let what we had achieved process, let the creative juices flour now that both directors and puppeteer understood what can be done stuff a puppet and green screen… oh and some chalk

So that´s one day of filming for and another one to look forward to

And we did get a green screen suit in the end…

But that’s for another blog post

260314 1403 IMG_2167rupe 260314 1513 IMG_2191rupe Image


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