Losing Joy


So here she is,  puppet for Losing You the music video I am creating for Paul Carrack. She took about a 2 days to make.

Her face is made out of a tube, cut into the shape of a face and painted with chalkboard paint – I had some left over from some other projects.

I didn’t want to cover her completely in chalkboard paint as I wanted her ability to change her appearance and emotions to be exclusively on her face

Her arms are made out of rope covered in black card, her torso was carved out of foam and covered with black card (slightly patchwork-ed, I will admit but it adds to her charm) her legs are rope covered in cardboard then more black card.

Oh and of course lots of glue, ALL the glue

Her arms and head are pretty articulated while I decided to keep her legs quite fixed to keep her stable (I have been planning to puppetry her by myself as the project needs to be done quickly) although they are bent a little so there’s some scope to movement (he sorts that puppets do by themselves without much input)

She also has a bit of elastic in one hand so that she can draw on herself with a piece of chalk. In the other hand she has some black foam so she can wipe her face

Oh and her name is Joy and she was named by Guy Withers – one of the co-founders of Indomitable Productions

So now I’ve made her, I need to discover what she can and wants to do for the video

And then on to filming

How exciting!



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