Puppet Nerd

A couple of weeks ago myself and Dana went to Brunel University (of which we are alumni) to show a work in progress excerpt of Buttons for the drama staff and students.

What I didn’t expect was one of my former tutors giving me a book, because she was unable to turn up to the show.

Not just any book but one on puppetry (of course) and a new one at that. This is quite a luxury. I remember when I first got the puppetry bug I was frustrated at the lack of current books on puppetry. Brunel library had many two books and I remember one was from 1969. I mean it was still important but a lot has happened since then.

So here it is Aspects of Puppet Theatre by Henryk Jurkowski (a former professor at Krakow and Warsaw superior Schools of Theatre – Krakow?! I was there in January, it must be a sign!)


This is the story of book that I would have killed for when I was studying for my B.A.

If I had discovered this in 2010 when I first tried puppetry I would have had one of those moments of theatrical enlightenment

I’ve already underlined some many quotes in red pen and its covered in sticky labels and I’m not even half way through the first chapter.

I didn’t realise that puppetry had been studied to a great degree in Germany! There are so many names I’m going to have to look up

And people did experiments with puppets. This is what I want to do

Oh my I’ve missed studying!

As I go through the expect some little quotes and maybe a few musings sparked by this book, hopefully a bit more eloquent then all this initial excitement.

Hopefully not essays but I suppose I should get back into practice of writing them

Please bare with my ramblings but this is so exciting! I’ve realised I’m not just a lover of puppets but a full blown nerd of them.


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