Last Sunday, I went to see Faust(redacted) (part off the FIRST Festival) at the Little Angel Theatre with Dana Segal (co-founder of Sort Of Theatre).

We sat in the familiar pue like seats, a brand new show with a big old exciting set in front of us. But it felt different. A good different

And it’s because a little under a week myself and Dana had been standing on that stage performing Buttons.

What an adventure is been, literally, metaphorical, emotionally, all the ‘allys’.

We started with the idea of adapting Art Spielgalman’s Maus but eventually came to the decision to create our own show exploring the themes of war, family, memory and the events of the Holocaust.

(That’s been our copy since September 2013 and those words have been etched into my brain)

We’ve been to Poland, to Auschwitz, Dana had travelled back and forth between Essex and Hertfordshire through Central London to devise and rehearse and we had a hectic journey round the A40 and the M25 to get to the theatre

We’ve devised at the Roundhouse, my house, my dad’s studio, Brunel University, Dana’s house and on a farm

I’ve made scores of puppets and bought and lost many buttons.

I’ve smashed the head mirror of my Over Head Projector

We bought a slide projector

We’ve laughed

We’ve cried

We ate so much food

We’ve become better friends

We’ve had two outside eyes and a composer

We got to know the Little Angel Staff so well we started to give them nicknames

The Little Angel has left is mark on me

We made everyone scones

And all we ended up was a show I can be extremely proud of.

It’s been one hell of a journey. I can’t wait to see where it’ll take us next

Stay tuned for more news on Buttons


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