Puppeteer or Ninja?



My attire of bat puppeteering for Dracula. I don’t often wear complete puppet blacks (by which I mean including the delightful hood) in my performances, mostly because the hoods make it a bit difficult to see and breathe and get super hot with stage lights (Luckily I’m on probably collectively for a minute during Dracula so I don’t suffer so much) but also because I’m a believer in allowing the puppeteer to be present while puppeteering. But that would break the illusion somewhat for Dracula so full blacks it is.

However, It makes me feel awesome because it makes me feel like a ninja and ninjas are cool.


I actually made the hood for a tiny bit of filming for Touched Theatre’s Headcase. Word of warning, if you’re looking to make one of these for your own perusals into puppetry, don’t look it up on the internet because you’ll accidentally stumble onto bondage sites (Unless you want a multi-purpose hood. Who am I to judge)


Maybe I’ll make a tutorial to save anyones blushes or awkward internet history deletion.


(If I’m correct, I remember reading that the popular image of what a ninja looks like comes from Japanese theatre stage hands and possibly Bunraku puppeteers, who used to wear black to not be seen as they did some theatrical illusions)


Or maybe it’s because black is so slimming


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