Puppets, Puppets and more puppets

So this week I have

1) Completed my stint at INCUBATE at the Little Angel Theatre – More about that soon

2) Assisted at my first workshops with the Woodoaks Association

3) Made plenty of cardboard puppets – I love cardboard and hot glue guns. I love glueing cardboard together and cardboarding glue together

4) Spent a whole day devising with Dana Segal for a new show as Sort Of Theatre – More of this coming!

5) Puppeteered a Bunraku- style puppet with Alison Alexander and Callum English for a small filmed piece for Darren East of Touched Theatre and Associate Artist of The Little Angel Theatre. It should be a short filmed introduction for his show HeadCase 

6) Finished editing and enjoying hearing the music for my film for Charlie Ryder‘s Stories of Healing

Look at all those little blue underlined words. Look at how many different things I managed to fit in this week. I’m not being smug, I’m kind of surprised what I’ve managed to do.

I love being a puppeteer!

I’m feeling inspired, I’ve done lots of different things and now

I am FEELING knackered and need a bit of a rest before plunging right back into emails, adaption rights, press releases and devising next week


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