Puppeting Away

I haven’t posted in a while BUT that hasn’t meant that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy puppeteering my little socks off. Even though the winter months were quiet my life at the moment is revolving around puppets and I have been in demand!

I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment, all currently at their talking and devising stage but now they are all picking up momentum.

So in the past few months I have been:

-Volunteering at the Little Angel. I’ve been doing some ushering and helping with the theatre’s children’s makers courses, including their Easter week long course and their Saturday Puppet Club

– Making a LOT of puppets (A LOT of puppets) and finding my own style of making

-I also made grass and flowers for the Little Angel production ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’

-Continuing to play around with the ‘Do You Mind?’ and other mental health related ideas

-Collaborating with director, producer and fellow Brunelian Dana Segal.  We’ve founded the new theatre company Sort Of Theatre (Website currently in production but will be launched soon) and we are currently working on a new production (Working Title: Buttons) which focuses on the themes of the Holocaust

-I worked with Oliver Hymans from EyeSpy Arts for his R&D for his new production ICARUS

-Working on a piece about my own experiences with puppetry and healing for a documentary led by Charlie Ryder 

– Written a lot of proposals!


-Been rejected!

-Been accepted!

I will hopefully update and add a few more details about each of those points very soon and I’m pretty sure I’ve left some big things out!


There is however one big piece of news that really deserves it’s own post…..


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