Little Angel INCUBATE

I’m so so thrilled and pleased to announce that I was one of four companies that has been accepted to the Little Angel and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s  INCUBATE programme!

INCUBATE is a Research and Development scheme formed by the Little Angel, (the home of British puppetry) and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where you can find the (Centre for Research into Objects and Puppet in Performance) to allow companies and individuals to develop work using the resources and expertise of these two organisations.

I will be continuing my work on mental health and metaphor within these two encouraging organisations.

So I’m pretty damn excited!  Not only will I have a brilliant (and FREE!) space to devise, I have enough room to fit enough people (something I’ve been struggling to find on my non-existant budget) to generate some fantastic ideas and encouragement from two very important and influential organisations in the British puppetry world.

This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting and working towards for almost a year. This is where my work with finally begin to sprout.

And it’s an opportunity to other opportunities. This chance to R&D my ideas will lead to more solid ideas, it will reveal ideas that I can then develop work on, that I can then Scratch and then I can actually perform, which is all I’ve wanted.


It’s a real step in the right direction.


It reminds me exactly why I want to be a puppeteer. It reminds me that I am definitely part of this community and that makes me ridiculously happy


Now I have a huge To-Do list to contend with (which included posting on here!) including gather more material, finding performers, writers, musicians and artists to come join me for the week and finding funding so I can give something towards the time they’ll be giving me. I really can’t wait to start and there is so much work to do before…


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