Hello 2013!

Hello 2013!

Well the Mayan’s where wrong so we must continue on into the next year and what a year it could be. I love what New Years bring. There always seems to be so much potential and fresh energy!

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog here performing wise but not production wise. I’ve been doing a lot of squirreling away with emails and draft budgets and planning. Oh and a bit of a rest, a bit of Christmas, quite a bit of socialising and a bit of New Years Eve.

In December I applied for the Sky Arts Futures Fund, which promises 5 very lucky artists £30,000 to fund their projects and allow themselves a year to develop as artists without any risk of becoming a starving artist. I’ve got my fingers crossed that my proposal for my ‘Do You Mind?’ project is strong enough to get me at least onto the shortlist. I won’t know until late January.

I also contributed to an article a Uni friend of mine is writing about mental health and ways of coping and expressing when things are hard.

So what else does the New Year have for me. Well nothing too stuck in stone but a lot of creative plans and a lot of hope.

Hopefully this will include:

  • More work on the Steampunk Opera (I had so much fun and had to tuck away a lot of my ideas as we had so short a time)
  • More work on my ‘Do You Mind?’ project and hopefully some funding
  • I’m going to be interviewed by a local magazine about my work with puppets
  • A project centred around World War Two. I’m particularly excited about this so I’m keeping it somewhat hush hush
  • A trip back to the Barbican for another Pit Lab Weeks
  • Many many potential R&D’s with the various amazing puppeteers and director I’ve met in 2012
  • Seeing a lot of puppetry shows. I’ve just booked my tickets for a handful of shows at the London Mime Festival. I’m seeing Kneehigh and The Little Angel Theatre’s The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings the week at the BAC. There’s a fantastic line-up at the Little Angel this year. And there is the World Puppetry Festival to look forward to in Charleville which I hope will be as good as 2011… Or even better because I’ll be able to actually see some shows (Was a bit busy putting on Hooray for Hollywood)

So that is what 2013 has to offer me.

I’m pretty excited

Are you?

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