Dolls Of New Albion – A Steampunk Opera

Last Saturday (27th October) I went to the Central School of Speech and Drama for my first puppetry audition for a fantastic sounding newly composed Steampunk Opera called ‘Dolls of New Albion’


And I am incredibly thrilled to say I was given one of the puppeteer roles! I will be leading the creation of the City of New Albion through the use of object manipulation (And perhaps some other forms of puppetry found through some experimentations) I will also be puppeteering the character of Jasper, a man who is brought back from the dead in the form of a ‘doll’, who will be lead by the second puppeteer found on Saturday.

I’m incredibly happy to be chosen as this is a show I would have grabbed tickets for if my audition had been unsuccessful. And it’s a great boost to my puppet ego to get work from my first audition!

I’ve already received the full opera and I am listening carefully to the epic world I will need to create. I was listening to it on my iPod as I walked my dog this morning and I already feel some ideas brewing.  I’m so excited to start work and I’m already making some sketches inspired by the music.

I’ll be getting my rehearsal schedule soon, meet all the wondrous singers, get more aquainted with the director Mark Swetz and designer Lily Arnold. I will start working soon after I finish the Puppetry In Opera event (I think it really helped to be apart of that!) so it’s going to be a very busy month!


We will be performing at the Oval House Theatre in London from 29th November – 1st Dec


For more information on the show please visit:


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