Kafka’s Wound

I’ve been pretty busy as of late and hit the ground running with two (possibly three) puppetry projects after completing my dissertation and my degree at Brunel University last month. However, I’m not straying too far from campus. My main A project is working on some filmed vignettes for a very interesting project called Kafka’s Wound. 


Kafka’s Wound is a work-in-progress ‘digital essay’ by Will Self (who has recently joined Brunel University as a lecturer) examining the work of Franz Kafka, focusing particularly on his short story A Country Doctor which contains a very detailed description of a wound found on a young man’s side.

I have been working with my tutor, Mary Richards as well as two other students Sam Stolton and Nina Salomons, to visualise and film a handful of scenes and images taken from the short story, using live-action, animation, stop-motion and, of course, puppetry.


We are busy with the planning stage but this is already proving to be very exciting stuff and I’ve already been inspired by the other students I’m working with. I’ve been playing with shadow puppets and table tops trying to find a neat style to work along side the other multimedia. It’s just fantastic to be already working towards something new, very different and challenging. Not sure how i would have coped with the sudden lack of direction after university.


Photos of my initial puppets and their construction to follow…


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