Puppet (R)Evolution Puppetry & Biography Weekend Workshop

Its been a while since I’ve updated but things have been going very well.

Last weekend (24th-25th March) Iassisted the brilliant Raven Kaliana in a workshop focused on the potential for puppetry to be used in biographical work. This is a subject very close to Raven’s heart and has been beautifully executed in three of her recent works.

The workshop was lovely and intimate, allowing us to work very closely with each of the participants, who ranged from an academic bored with lifeless presentations to a decendent of a prolific Punch and Judy puppeteer. Each had different ideas with what they wanted to achieve, but were not sure how to approach these ideas.

Raven and I broke down the process specifically designed to take advantage of puppets as communicators as well as providing the materials to create shadow puppets. We went through developing an idea, focusing on its factual, emotional and metaphorical aspects, to character development, special effects achieved in shadow puppetry and making shadow puppets.

I even got to work on a scene for Do You Mind? which has really helped me think about shaping my devising process.

We had some incredibly inspiring work, each unique in its own style and use of the shadow puppetry. In just 12 hours, you could see the progress everyone on the workshop had made and how eager they were to continue their work. And all were keen to buy their own over-head projector.

We’re already thinking towards the next workshop and how we can develop it to be even better, so if you miss it there are more oppertuinities on their way.

Photos will be on their way!

Puppet (R)Evolution blog: puppetrevolution.wordpress.com



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