Now here’s a story all about how, my rehearsal got flipped, turned upside-down…

Last nights dissertation rehearsal was one of the funniest yet hardest so most rewarding.

After exploring written communication, computer aided communication we moved onto gesture communication with a bit of invented sign language. I was taking this workshop and had come up with a few ideas, however upon seeing this:

David Armand’s mime/interpretive/dance Torn by Nathalie Imbruglia


We decided to have a bit of fun and see whether we could create something similar. We also decided to use the Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Seeing as how much fun we had during our rehearsal of computer aided communication.

We were all very excited, although we did choose a difficult song in terms of speed so our gestures had to be clean and concise and even though we practised it for almost two hours it’ll require a lot more rehersal.

But it was fun and it looks great and we think it’ll surprise our audience. We’re going to look at providing some light and shade to the piece (Next up I want to create some shadow puppets to represent some documentary accounts of people being killed because of making the wrong gestures) So we have our light.


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